* Jake Tapper said that the press got “Rick-rolled” by Trump’s suggestion that he was going to make a major announcement about his birtherism this morning. Libby Nelson does a good job of summarizing what happened.

Donald Trump promised a major statement about his embrace of conspiracy theories about President Obama’s birthplace.

Instead, he fooled the three major cable news networks into airing a 20-minute infomercial about his hotel and his candidacy. With the “breaking news” chyron on, MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN played footage of veterans praising Trump and Trump praising his own hotel.

And then Trump showed up on stage for less than two minutes to say that Obama was born in the United States.

This is what people mean when they complain about how “the media” has covered the Trump campaign.

* We’ll let twitter take if from there.



* Finally, let’s end the week on a more positive note. Tobias Ellehammer wrote this about the video he posted on Michael Jackson’s birthday.

In these times many people look at various links on social media and unfortunately react with fear, hatred and immediately close their arms. Instead we should open up our arms and look to solve the problems together. There should be room for everyone in this world. No matter what you look like, what religion you have or where you come from. We are all one. That’s the purpose of this video. To remind all of us how incredibly important love and freedom is and to put something good out into this world.

YouTube video

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