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The following is an alphabetical list of former members of the U.S. House of Representatives who have co-signed a letter declaring that “Donald Trump lacks the ‘intelligence’ and temperament to be president and urging the party to reject the Republican presidential nominee at the polls on Nov. 8.”

All of them are Republicans.

Steve Bartlett (Texas), Bob Bauman (Md.), Sherwood Boehlert (N.Y.), Jack Buechner (Mo.), Tom Campbell (Calif.), Bill Clinger (Penn.), Tom Coleman (Mo.), Geoff Davis (Ky.), 
Mickey Edwards (Okla.), Harris Fawell (Ill.), Ed Foreman (Texas and N.M.), Amo Houghton, Jr. (N.Y.), Gordon Humphrey (N.H.), Bob Inglis (S.C.), Jim Kolbe (Ariz.), Steve Kuykendall (Calif.), Jim Leach (Iowa), Pete McCloskey (Calif.), Connie Morella (Md.), Mike Parker (Mo.), Tom Petri (Wis.), John Porter (Ill.), Claudine Schneider (R.I.), John “Joe” Schwarz (Mich.), Chris Shays (Conn.), Peter Smith (Vt.), Edward Weber (Ohio), Vin Weber (Minn.), G. William Whitehurst (Va.), Dick Zimmer (R-N.J.)

You won’t find a corresponding list of Democrats warning about Clinton’s intelligence and temperament. To find former Democrats who are endorsing Trump, you have to dig deep. Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama, for example, used to be a Democrat. It’s just that he switched parties November 9th, 1994, one day after Gingrich’s Republican Revolution shook Capitol Hill.

And even Sen. Shelby is hardly an enthusiastic booster of Trump. Despite his Senate partner Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III coming out as an early endorser and adviser to Trump’s campaign, Shelby declined to get on board in the primaries and said “I’m going to be voting, but I’ll vote for someone on the ballot that I think is a real conservative and who will make us proud and I may write in a name if I can’t find such a person.”

In fact, Shelby was seriously challenged in his own primary by a Trump-supporting wingnut who was heavily backed by Breitbart News. In fact, back in January, Trump’s now-Deputy Campaign Manager David Bossie wrote a column for Breitbart called Richard Shelby Must Go.

I imagine Sen. Shelby still remembers Bossie’s words.

Alabamians need a senator who has the stamina to stand up to the reckless Obama-Clinton agenda for all six years of the term, not just during an election cycle. Jonathan McConnell is that conservative candidate.

Career politician Richard Shelby had no problem voting to confirm Hillary Clinton and John Kerry as Secretary of State as well as liberals Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer to the U.S. Supreme Court. These four examples are just the tip of the iceberg in Shelby’s long voting record. The mindset of entrenched politicians is what so desperately needs to be swept out of Washington, D.C…

…So, it’s time for Richard Shelby to go. At 81 years of age and five terms in the Senate his time has passed.

Maybe you know of some former elected Democrats who are on the Trump Train.

But they are appear to be almost as rare as metro newspapers that are willing to vouch for a Trump presidency.

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