Michelle Obama speech

I’m going to be real honest with you. I just finished watching Michelle Obama’s speech in New Hampshire and I cried like a baby. It’s only party because we have been blessed to have her as our First Lady and the grief of the Obama’s leaving the White House is starting to set in. It’s mostly because she spoke to a place in my heart that I have worked really hard to protect from men Donald Trump. Yeah…she went there. I can’t speak to how men will respond to this speech, but I suspect that a lot of women will join me in saying, “You’re right, Michelle. This stuff hurts.”

I hope you’ll take the time to listen. Michelle Obama’s portion starts at about 25:00.

In case you can’t watch right now, here’s part of the transcript. But I promise, hearing it come from her heart to yours is much more powerful.

What I realized as she talked is that many of us have been in battle mode against the kinds of things that Donald Trump is spewing and spreading. That is as it should be. But it’s not a bad thing to take a moment and get in touch with how hurtful it all is. There is a kind of cleansing from all the filth we’ve been exposed to that emanates from those tears, and it is the place in which our empathy for each other is rooted. That is the tie that binds and makes us stronger together. Being able to go there is the gift Michelle gave us today.

Other than that, I just want to say that I endorse this tweet 100%.

Nancy LeTourneau

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