Donald Trump
Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

There are so many allegations of sexual misconduct coming at Trump right now that’s easy to lose track of them all and have some fall between the cracks.

I’m hearing that things are so bad in Trump world that he just cancelled on Sean Hannity.

Liberals I’ve talked to are so disgusted with the latest revelations (which include leering at 10 year olds, walking in on teenage girls while they’re changing, and sexual assault against reporters and unsuspecting citizens) that they’re not really enjoying this. A lot of women are having difficulty because these stories dredge up unpleasant memories and traumas they have experienced. And absolutely no one wants their young kids hearing about this or their older kids thinking that this is what politics is all about.

It may be nice to know that Donald Trump will never be our president, but that doesn’t mean that there is some kind of celebratory mood. Yet, I do think that people will want to make Trump pay for putting the country through this, and the only way to strike back at him is to vote against him. I wouldn’t expect disgust in this instance to translate to non participation from Trump’s opponents. People are going to pay for babysitters and take the day off from work just to vote against this guy.

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