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Mississippi is burning again. A historic black church in Greenville was set ablaze last night. The arsonist spray-painted “Vote Trump” on an outside wall. Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign has cancelled scheduled events in Iowa after a Trump supporter ambushed and killed two Des Moines police officers. On October 14th, he was asked to leave a high school football game because he was waving a Confederate Flag at black fans during the national anthem. He even explained himself:


His neighbors say that he put a Trump/Pence sign in his front yard shortly after the confrontation at the game.

His daughter says that “He was also a loving father grandfather and the greatest man I know. He was very very sick mentally. Evil succumbed him and he made the up worst mistake. Now he will have to live with that for the rest of his life. But I will never turn my back on this man.”

No doubt he is suffering from mental health problems. But, without being incited by right-wing campaign rhetoric, he wouldn’t have brought a Confederate Flag to a football game to protest kneeling during the national anthem, gone home and put up a Trump sign, and then ambushed and killed two police officers.

It’s ironic that he killed the very people whose honor he set out to protect, but who can explain mental illness?

Were the Mississippi church burners also mentally ill? I suppose that’s a legal term of art, right?

Weak-minded people filled with rage is what I call them. They are being led by a man who wants to be our president.

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