Al Gore
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I’m having one of those rare days that isn’t really compatible with professional blogging. There isn’t much I want to say about anything in the news right now. Either that, or I don’t have the time and energy to say it. One thing I noticed today that I’m willing to offer an opinion about is that a lot of progressive-minded people are savaging Al Gore for visiting Trump Tower to talk about climate policy.

I guess the idea is that Al Gore is legitimizing Trump, which is something he shouldn’t do.

But, barring some miracle, the Electoral College will select Trump as our next president on December 19th, so I have trouble seeing how acknowledging that is somehow giving him more legitimacy. If Al Gore can have any positive influence over climate policy with Trump or his daughter Ivanka (with whom he also met), then I think that’s a plus.

If not, then I don’t see much harm in having tried.

Do you see this differently?

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Martin Longman

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