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Apparently Speaker Paul Ryan has a new and revised bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. But here’s what we learned about it last night.

House Republican leaders have a new version of their major Obamacare repeal and replacement bill. They just don’t want you to see it.

The document is being treated a bit like a top-secret surveillance intercept. It is expected to be available to members and staffers on the House Energy and Commerce panel starting Thursday, but only in a dedicated reading room, one Republican lawmaker and a committee aide said. Nobody will be given copies to take with them.

It is hard to understand what Ryan is hoping to accomplish with all this cloak and dagger nonsense. Eventually both members of Congress and the American public will learn that it is nothing more than a veiled attempt to strip millions of people of their coverage.

But today the story got even more bizarre. First of all, Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee found the room where the secret bill was being kept – which was being guarded by the capitol police…I kid you not!

Eventually Sen. Rand Paul was alerted, stepped in a phone booth and emerged as the superhero who would save us all from this subterfuge.

But alas, someone else beat him to it. Lo and behold, the bill was gone.


Indeed…as of this writing, the hunt continues. And in a true spirit of bi-partisanship, Minority Leader Pelosi has offered to help.

Of course twitter took to this story like Linda Richman to butta. For example:

I’ll continue updating this important story as things develop.

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