Quick Takes: Twitter Memes From the G20 Meeting

A roundup of news that caught my eye today.

* Donald Trump’s handshakes with world leaders (or lack thereof when it comes to his first meeting with Angela Merkel) have become fodder for speculation about power games. For his first face-to-face encounter as president with Vladimir Putin, here’s the shot:

In other words, before their meeting even started, Trump got played.

* No commentary required on this one:

* Unbelievable! Will these people never learn?

* Angela Merkel has had to deal with male egos at these kinds of events for a long time. I am reminded of the uncomfortable shoulder rub moment with Dubya. Her expressions at this meeting speak volumes. For example:

* If looks could kill.

* Or how about the old mansplaining eyeroll?

* That’s enough politics for this week. To take us out, how about a cover of a classic that seems pretty timely. Let me introduce you to Paula Cole.

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Nancy LeTourneau

Nancy LeTourneau is a contributing writer for the Washington Monthly. Follow her on Twitter @Smartypants60.