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Here’s one reason to impeach the president:

Amid pleas from Republicans and Democrats for the parties to begin work on a bipartisan health care bill, President Donald Trump and White House officials on Friday doubled down on his call to put off any action until Barack Obama’s 2010 law fails.

Here’s another reason to impeach the president:

There was no paper statement issued signaling the president’s preferred next move on an issue that was central to his 2016 campaign message. But Trump weighed in during the wee hours of Friday morning — and endorsed only one path for addressing health care.

“As I said from the beginning, let ObamaCare implode, then deal,” Trump tweeted at 2:25 a.m. Friday. He then ended the tweet with what seemed like a guarantee: “Watch!”

Likely to the chagrin of Republican and Democratic lawmakers, a White House official on Friday said the president’s tweet represents the administration’s preferred path ahead on health care.

“I’d stick with the tweet,” the White House official told Roll Call, adding a more nuanced description could be coming at some point.

Here’s a third reason to impeach the president:

Pitching a scenario under which GOP lawmakers and the White House would stand by and let the 2010 law to continue sputtering — forcing Democrats to beg him to cut a deal to fix it — has been a steady drumbeat for Trump. And, just like early Friday morning, the president always brings it up without being prompted — suggesting that has been his Plan A even as Senate Republican leaders struggled to find one of their own.

If he does any of the following, they would provide additional reasons to impeach the president:

The president has more than one way to nudge Obama’s law toward failure: Trump could opt to stop paying subsidies to insurance companies; he can order agencies to cease enforcing its requirement for most Americans to obtain health insurance; and he could undermine its markets by stopping all federally financed advertising urging folks to enroll under the law.

Deliberately killing American citizens by undermining our health system is an impeachable offense, and if anyone tells you otherwise, please set them straight.

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