* When I first saw this on twitter, I thought someone was making a joke. Apparently irony really is dead. It’s true.

* This is what happens when Trump tries to fake empathy.

* Joan McCarter reminds us that, in light of hurricane Harvey, this is what the Trump administration proposed in their budget:

Funds hiring of 500 new Border Patrol Agents and 1,000 new ICE law enforcement personnel, plus associated support staff.

Provides a further investment of $2.6 billion for high priority tactical infrastructure and border security technology, including funding to continue planning, designing, and constructing a border wall. […]

Restructures user fees for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to ensure that the cost of government services is not subsidized by taxpayers who do not directly benefit from those programs.

Reduces Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) administered grants, saving $667 million; additionally the budget proposes establishing a 25% non-federal cost match for FEMA preparedness grants that do not currently require a non-federal match.

In other words, they want to rob disaster relief in order to build that wall and terrorize brown people.

* Here is VP Pence back in 2005 explaining the Republican approach to disaster relief and budgets:

* Since the election, we’ve seen thousands of articles attempting to explain Trump voters. Who knew it could all be found on twitter?


* It’s good to know that Mad Magazine is still out there doing their thing.

* Finally, as I’ve been watching the coverage of Harvey and the heroic efforts that are underway as we speak, this is the song that keeps coming to mind:

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