* Here’s what Trump tweeted this morning:


* Should DACA recipients take his advice?

Nuff said…

* In case anyone thought that Speaker Ryan helped himself with the fringe right by letting Trump and the Democrats take responsibility for the deal that was reached at the White House yesterday, take a look at this:

* This morning I wrote about the significance of the reporting that a Russian firm bought ads on Facebook. Sam Thielman explains why that $100,000 buy was more significant than some people have assumed.

The company tried to downplay the amount of ad money the Russian firm spent, observing that $100,000 is a drop in the bucket for most political campaigns. But Facebook’s ability to target an audience, both geographically and by preference, means that as political advertising it is far undervalued, according to Gordon Borrell, CEO of ad industry analytics firm Borell Associates, which produces a detailed annual report on political advertising.

“It’s probably worth ten million dollars of TV advertising because of what you can do with that advertising,” Borell said. “You can take a very particular segment of the population and move them an inch this way or that way in a way you can’t do with a sort of mass media spray.”

* Now that Betsy DeVos has stripped the Dept. of Education from having the ability to protect college students from financial fraud and abuse, she has decided to move on to this:

DeVos delivered a speech on Title IX to a crowd at George Mason University’s Law School campus in Arlington, VA on Thursday early afternoon. During her 20-minute speech, DeVos called the current campus reporting process a “failed system” that is “increasingly elaborate and confusing.”

She did not announce any large policy changes to Title IX other than implying that the 2011 Dear Colleague Letter would be rescinded when she told the crowd “the era of rule by letter” has ended.

The Obama-era Dear Colleague Letter, which was created by then-Vice President Joe Biden in 2011, is a comprehensive set of guidelines that essentially serve as a reminder to universities and Title IX administrators that schools need to follow the Title IX law.

DeVos also announced two new approaches to the campus sexual violence reporting process that the Department of Education is exploring…

Although just between 2 and 10 percent of reported rapes turn out to be false claims, DeVos devoted equal time to the stories of sexual assault survivors and those wrongly accused as if the group is the same size as survivors of sexual violence.

* There is no better word to describe what Steve Bannon said to Charlie Rose than “deplorable.”

Charlie Rose: Can I remind you, a good Catholic, that Cardinal [Timothy] Dolan is opposed to what’s happened with DACA? Cardinal Dolan.

Bannon: The Catholic Church has been terrible about this.

Rose: Okay.

Bannon: The bishops have been terrible about this. By the way, you know why? You know why? Because unable to really – to – to – to come to grips with the problems in the church, they need illegal aliens, they need illegal aliens to fill the churches. That’s – it’s obvious on the face of it. That’s what – the entire Catholic bishops condemn him. … They have – they have an economic interest. They have an economic interest in unlimited immigration, unlimited illegal immigration. And as much as –

Rose: Boy, that’s a tough thing to say about your church.

Bannon: As much as I respect Cardinal Dolan and the bishops on doctrine, this is not doctrine. This is not doctrine at all. I totally respect the pope and I totally respect the Catholic bishops and cardinals on doctrine. This is not about doctrine. This is about the sovereignty of a nation. And in that regard, they’re just another guy with an opinion.

* David Simon captured something very significant with this:

* Finally, I don’t know about you, but it is hard for me to imagine what is hitting the Caribbean right now and is about to hit Florida. This helps me understand it a bit better.

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