Donald Trump
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Here’s a funny thing. Every day since Donald Trump won the presidency, I have gone to bed embarrassed and pissed.

Returning from a high-dollar fundraiser in Manhattan on Tuesday evening, an infuriated President Donald Trump watched aboard Air Force One as Fox News called the Alabama Senate primary for Roy Moore against Trump’s favored candidate, Luther Strange.

What ensued was a barrage of angry venting at his political team and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who had consolidated establishment GOP support behind Strange.

Trump, officials and informal advisers say, felt misled by McConnell and his political team, who encouraged him to endorse and campaign for Strange…

…He went to bed “embarrassed and pissed” following the election loss, according to a person familiar with his mindset. Trump, multiple sources said, is furious with McConnell, and feels outdone by his former aide Bannon.

That’s why I don’t have any guilt about schadenfreude in this particular case. If the president is humiliated and angry, then he’s only feeling what all decent folks have been feeling for nearly a year now. And it’s how own fault. What kind of politician needs a political team to tell them who to endorse? I thought he had the best education and the highest I.Q., so why is he so easy to mislead?

So, he’s mad that he didn’t endorse a man like Roy Moore whose understanding of the law is so flawed that he’s twice been kicked off the Alabama Supreme Court?

He should be embarrassed. And he should be pissed at himself for being such a lousy person.

Martin Longman

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