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If you want to know why I am worried about how the president will behave today in Las Vegas, all you have to do is look at the reaction he got after his trip to Puerto Rico.

His supporters applauded again, pointing to his authenticity and moments of empathy. Puerto Ricans already upset with him before he landed were infuriated.

“He takes two weeks to visit a disaster zone where 3.5 million American citizens live. He arrives with a smile on his face, makes fun of the situation, shows no empathy, lies and lies on camera as he does 24-7. And then throws paper towel rolls to people in need as if he was playing Go Fetch with dogs,” said Joel Isaac, 27, a New York actor who moved from Puerto Rico three years ago.

Most of Isaac’s family is still on the island. He said he had never felt humiliated as a Puerto Rican until he watched Trump’s visit.

“It’s the whole scene where the privileged white man comes to save the brown peasants after they’ve been begging, thirsty and hungry. It’s super disgusting to see, honestly,” he said.

Is Trump going to console and reassure people in Nevada or is he going to humiliate them? Will he say all the wrong things?

Based on his record, I don’t expect him to make people feel better. I doubt people will be glad he came.

And I know almost to a certainty that he won’t offer to do anything that might actually prevent a future massacre, let alone actually follow through on any proposals.

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Martin Longman

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