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I can’t imagine saying this, even though I suppose that there are a few ways in which it is actually true:

Republican National Committee (RNC) chair Ronna Romney McDaniel says the GOP is “in the best place” it’s ever been.

During a visit to Denver, McDaniel said the party’s high fundraising shows a strong base, the Denver Post reported.

“The RNC has had, actually, record fundraising in a post-presidential year,” Romney McDaniel said. “That shows that our base is rallying around what our president put forward in terms of his agenda. … I think we’re in the best place we’ve ever been as a party.”

The GOP hasn’t had this much power across the country since the 1920s, although that says little about how they’re positioned to do in the upcoming elections. And while it’s true that the RNC is raising money hand over fist, the same can’t be said for other party organizations like the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Mainly, I can’t look at classic metrics like money raised and early poll numbers as meaningful indicators of the quality of “the place” the Republican Party is in. The GOP is a suppurating wound on the body politic. It’s a twenty-car pileup with toxic waste strewn across the highway, unsafe even for idle rubbernecking.

The only thing I’m interested in knowing is whether there’s really any distinction between the health of the Republican Party and “the place” of the nation. Are we as terminally sick as they are? Can we decouple ourselves from them before it’s too late?

Because if people go ahead and vote for these folks again and return them to power, it’ll be time to call the coroner and have him note the time of death.

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