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I sure am glad it’s Friday. I know it has been a demoralizing week in politics when something like this fails to bring a smile to my face and winds up just making me more dispirited about the state of the nation:

Fox News host Sean Hannity fanned the flames of his feud with Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) late Thursday, saying he has “done nothing” in Washington and to “call me when you repeal ObamaCare loser.”

Hannity and Sasse have gone back and forth over President Trump’s criticism of news outlets and his recent tweets suggesting television news outlets’ licenses be evaluated and possibly revoked.

The latest jab by Hannity was in response to Sasse suggesting he supports the Constitution and Hannity does not. Sasse’s comment was made after Hannity said he regretted supporting Sasse as a candidate because of his Trump criticism.

I’m all for seeing the Republicans in disarray, but this is more an example of the president empowering people to act like him in a bullying and demeaning way.

If I could, I’d impeach the president just for having this kind of influence on people. I’d impeach him so my son doesn’t have to witness this and maybe think this is how powerful and successful people normally behave.

Even though I don’t write much on the weekends anymore, I usually keep up with the political news. This weekend is going to be different. I’m unplugging from this travesty. I need a break from the crap. It’s gonna be all about soccer and baseball and a new puppy that is joining the family.

I’m sure things will be far worse by Monday. These days, they always are.

Martin Longman

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