I figured that I’ll be keeping an eye on the election results throughout the evening, so why not do it together. I’ll post updates as I see them. Put yours in the comments and I’ll add them as appropriate.

Here’s my favorite tweet of the day that became a meme:


And here’s some music that is appropriate for the day while we wait for the polls to close.

YouTube video

6:35 pm – This is something I’m hearing from a lot of people about the Virginia election results. So it’s probably worth keeping in mind.


7:04 pm – Polls have closed in Virginia. Here’s a link to the NYT live election results and estimates for the governor’s race.

7:15 pm: More links for you: VA (state, AP) | GA | ME | NJ | NY | PA | UT | WA

7:37 pm: I’m hearing a lot of rumblings like this in the VA governor’s race results:

7:45 pm: As I said, lots of this kind of thing being reported.

7:47 pm: Not definitive, but this is big!

7:50 pm: First Democratic pick-up of the night is Manchester, NH mayor.

7:58 pm: Things a looking very good in Virginia!

8:10 pm: Boom! There it is!!

8:20 pm – This race was less of a nail-biter in the polls, but still hugely important.

8:33 pm: Can you handle some more good news:

8:58 pm: This is what everybody’s watching now:

Next up:

Meanwhile, there’s this word from the night’s biggest loser:


10:12 pm: It’s time for me to call it a night, but I’ll leave you with this. The folks at Daily Kos elections created a big board to track the major races today. Here it is with their latest updates:

It looks like we won’t know much about some of these races until tomorrow. The House of Delegates in Virginia might be up for grabs – but some of the races could be decided by recounts. The possibility of a Democratic majority was unthinkable going into today. So this has been an absolute blow-out beyond our wildest expectations.

Sleep well, America. There is hope on the horizon.

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