Trump tower
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Sometimes, you see or hear a person say something so dense that it seems like it could suck all the sentience in the universe into its black hole of stupidity. This is one of those times.

In Eric Trump’s universe, stupid and evil play the same role as matter and anti-matter in ours. We need to find the portal that allows this kind of nonsense to seep into our world, and we need to destroy that portal. Perhaps it is located in a darkened Trump Tower closet where the only sound is the hum of a repurposed hotel spam server.

Surely, multitudes will explain all the ways in which Eric Trump’s tweet misses the mark, but I consider that job beneath me. I obviously don’t assume that no one needs to be edified on these points, but there’s a certain minimal level of honest thought I require before I’ll deign to try to communicate with someone or change them in their opinion.

And I’m not really kidding about this. This kind of discourse is absolutely akin to an alien invasion. At some point, we can’t treat it as anything we can respond to or rebut. It’s too inane and morally vacuous for that. We must resolve to defeat the things that empower this kind of talk, and that means all hands at their stations, each doing their part.


We can’t wrestle with this pig. We have to take it down to the studs.

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