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If your family is anything like mine, you can’t get everyone together on Christmas, so the grandparents and uncles and nieces and cousins have to enter into protracted negotiations until a date acceptable to all can be found. Today is that day and we’re hosting, so pretty soon our log cabin will be brimming with kin.

I hopefully will find some time to write in the late afternoon, but for now I need to be brief. I expect you will enjoy this chuckle, at least if you have any sense of humor:

Yes, that is an actual New York Times article. My favorite response did not come from an historian, however:

“Sure. Churchill served his country 55 years in parliament, 31 years as a minister and 9 as pm,” Kristian Tonning Riise, a member of Norway’s Parliament, wrote in a tweet liked more than 19,000 times. “He was present in 15 battles and received 14 medals of bravery. He was one of history’s most gifted orators and won the Nobel Literature Prize for his writing. Totally same thing.”

Mike Huckabee likes everything in the Old Testament except the ban on pork, and he plays the bass guitar. He says dumb stuff and it merits a whole write-up in the Gray Lady.

Happy New Year.

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