Nearly a third of all undergraduates are twenty-five or older. Yet no publication ranks colleges based on how well they serve adult students—except the Washington Monthly. We rank two-year colleges (defined as awarding more certificates or associate’s degrees than bachelor’s degrees) according to factors that specifically affect adult students, including ease of transfer, flexibility of schedule, and services for adults.

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RankNameEase of transfer (4 pts)Flexibility of programs (9 pts)Services for adult students (6 pts)% students over age 25Part-time student grad rateMean earnings of independent studentsLoan repayment rate of independent studentsIn-district tuition and fees
1Penn State Fayette-Eberly (PA)*49618%73%$52,441 58%$13,616
2Renton Technical College (WA)*47667%68%$37,893 43%$5,004
3Lakeshore Technical College (WI)*48648%63%$35,153 61%$4,125
4St Josephs Hospital Health Center School of Nursing (NY)34544%89%$59,427 73%$19,360
5Penn. State University-Mont Alto (PA)*49521%52%$52,441 58%$13,678
6Fox Valley Technical College-Appleton (WI)*48642%55%$34,845 56%$4,436
7Foothill College (CA)*35542%13%$64,895 60%$1,551
8Raritan Valley Community College (NJ)*48628%23%$45,658 59%$4,224
9Ranken Tehcnical College (MO)48542%72%$43,379 47%$14,457
10Lake Washington Institute of Technology (WA)*35662%46%$44,667 55%$4,059
11Northcentral Technical College (WI)*48544%53%$36,837 54%$4,313
12Inver Hills Community College (MN)*49535%32%$44,103 52%$5,285
13Harcum College (PA)47654%64%$43,532 54%$22,760
14Vermont Technical College*45438%71%$46,399 76%$14,026
15Waukesha County Technical College (WI)*48637%40%$37,374 51%$4,157
16North Shore Community College (MA)*48640%34%$34,328 63%$4,848
17Mid-State Technical College (WI)*48546%56%$33,836 50%$4,321
18Pennslyvania State University-Dubois*47518%53%$52,441 58%$13,616
19Walla Walla Community College (WA)*46654%52%$34,807 46%$4,203
20Howard Community College (MD)*48634%18%$45,045 49%$4,224
21Capital Community College (CT)*38654%24%$39,468 61%$4,236
22County College of Morris (NJ)*48523%26%$45,005 67%$4,690
23Montgomery College (MD)*47635%15%$46,458 56%$4,902
24Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College (WI)*38548%67%$32,862 54%$4,598
25Diablo Valley College (CA)*47631%16%$45,356 48%$1,308
26Mount Wachusett Community College (MA)48641%25%$34,664 61%$5,188
27Western Wisconsin Technical College (WI)*38665%37%$32,894 46%$3,776
28Rockland Community College (NY)*48625%22%$41,546 56%$4,815
29Massachusetts Bay Community College (MA)*45540%21%$47,066 67%$4,808
30University of Cinncinati-Raymond Walters (OH)*39621%27%$46,895 53%$6,010
31Central Texas College (TX)*48655%9%$37,044 44%$2,280
32Pennslyvania State University-Hazleton (PA)*4759%50%$52,441 58%$14,072
33Southern Arkansas University Tech (AR)*47633%68%$30,720 41%$4,677
34Montgomery County Community College (PA)*49633%13%$41,879 46%$5,610
35Nicolet Area Technical College (WI)*46640%54%$31,049 56%$4,642
36Quincy College (MA)*48448%17%$44,844 56%$5,910
37Hagerstown Community College (MD)*48633%32%$35,518 48%$3,564
38Skagit Valley College (WA)*46647%35%$35,483 53%$4,200
39Naugatuck Valley Community College (CT)*46636%21%$40,135 63%$4,208
40ECPI College of Technology (VA)°37572%67%$41,816 33%$14,775
41Middlesex Community College (MA)*48533%22%$38,073 66%$4,730
42Lower Columbia College (WA)*48544%45%$35,079 41%$4,131
43College of the Canyons (CA)*47632%11%$44,509 44%$1,154
44Colby Community College (KS)*37520%83%$33,225 57%$3,150
45Gateway Community College (AZ)*47653%21%$36,088 40%$2,094
46Olympic College (WA)*45647%41%$35,110 52%$3,618
47City College of San Francisco (CA)*37657%12%$41,824 47%$1,598
48Mesa Community College (AZ)*48637%10%$41,383 40%$2,094
49Southern Wisconsin Technical College (WI)*47525%55%$33,401 59%$4,340
50University of Pittsburgh-Titusville (PA)*46519%27%$54,478 61%$11,808
51Oakton Community College (IL)*37639%14%$41,422 66%$3,621
52Saddleback College (CA)*37635%15%$44,365 54%$1,326
53Milwaukee Area Technical College (WI)*48655%24%$32,927 37%$4,426
54Pennslyvania College of Technology (PA)*49619%44%$40,765 50%$16,080
55Northwest Florida State College (FL)*47639%31%$33,530 49%$3,123
56Community College of Rhode Island (RI)*46637%33%$33,731 60%$4,266
57Nassau Community College (NY)*46624%28%$44,610 47%$5,248
58East Los Angeles College (CA)*47647%13%$36,230 44%$1,244
59Florida Commuinty College-Jacksonville (FL)*38645%35%$35,484 42%$2,765
60Normandale Community College (MN)*47628%16%$42,411 53%$5,730
61College of Dupage (IL)*39634%24%$39,019 46%$4,050
62Sheridan College (WY)*47536%30%$36,062 57%$3,156
63Orange Coast College (CA)*38629%17%$40,869 54%$1,184
64Ohlone College (CA)*46536%9%$46,783 50%$1,162
65Cape Cod Community College (MA)*47643%19%$35,775 50%$4,320
66Bucks County Community College (PA)*47629%9%$41,672 55%$4,298
67Nebraska College of Business (NE)°47479%50%$41,044 26%$15,352
68Broward Community College (FL)*38636%29%$38,415 45%$2,753
69Bunker Hill Community College (MA)*46642%17%$36,623 55%$3,888
70Spokane Community College (WA)*27668%45%$35,417 38%$3,393
71SUNY Delhi (NY)*45623%49%$38,693 55%$7,875
72Gateway Community College (CT)*38640%20%$35,717 59%$4,168
73Prince George's Community College (MD)*37641%12%$46,830 42%$3,650
74Ohio State-Marion (OH)*37614%33%$47,935 53%$7,140
75Moraine Park Technical College (WI)*38462%34%$35,548 53%$4,340
76Northampton County Area Community College (PA)*47633%20%$36,232 52%$4,110
77Jones College-Jacksonville (FL)46385%67%$33,121 27%$7,650
78Napa Valley College (CA)*36632%11%$45,241 58%$1,142
79Skyline College (CA)*36635%13%$41,883 63%$1,446
80Illinois Eastern Comm. Coll.-Wabash Vall. (IL)*46575%21%$28,181 55%$3,466
81Shoreline Community College (WA)*34640%33%$45,117 54%$3,735
82Andover College (ME)°47482%33%$41,044 26%$11,601
83Whatcom Community College (WA)°38626%41%$35,853 51%$4,316
84Sante Fe Community College (NM)*37656%17%$34,844 50%$1,695
85Wenatchee Valley College (WA)°47531%44%$35,446 44%$3,678
86Bismarck State College (ND)*45532%20%$43,493 62%$3,659
87College of Southern Maryland (MD)*38629%17%$42,088 50%$3,631
88Tacoma Community College (WA)°44645%37%$38,780 42%$3,686
89Marion Technical College (OH)°49538%33%$30,636 45%$4,480
90Fayetteville Technical Community College (NC)*48556%32%$32,526 27%$2,528
91Delaware County Community College (PA)*39538%20%$41,745 47%$4,960
92Portland Community College (OR)*45650%15%$39,383 47%$3,802
93Cascadia Community College (WA)°46417%32%$49,539 50%$3,753
94Quinsigamond Community College (MA)°38539%26%$38,074 60%$5,394
95North Hennepin Community College (MN)*39443%26%$41,680 48%$4,367
96Front Range Community Colleget (CO)*38537%30%$39,124 51%$3,660
97Bellevue Community College (WA)°26532%39%$47,764 61%$3,624
98Erie Community College-Central Report (NY)°48633%20%$35,823 43%$5,408
99San Diego Mesa College (CA)*37635%12%$42,143 49%$1,142
100Bristol Community College (MA)*39637%23%$31,544 57%$4,464
Median earnings of independent students: median annual earnings 10 years after entering college for all adult students, as well as younger students who are veterans or have children of their own—people who benefit from additional flexibility.
Loan repayment rate: percent of independent students who pay back at least $1 in loan principal within 5 years of leaving college.
* = public
° = for-profit