Donald Trump
Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

I took a look at CNN Politics this morning and saw this blurb which I found profoundly disturbing:

But then I realized that the president had been on Twitter disputing the accounts of what he said. In one tweet, he claimed that what he said was “tough” but different from what was being reported. In two other tweets he expressed his view that the immigration deal under discussion would force America to accept large numbers of people from “high crime countries which are doing badly.” And, then, finally, he tried to contextualize his “shithole” remarks to make them less personal to the people of Haiti.

So, saying Haiti is a “shithole” is not derogatory? Saying a whole continent is a “shithole” is not derogatory?

The whole spectacle makes me want to vomit.

Martin Longman

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