There are days when the news is uninspiring or so terrible that you simply need a break. Today is an interesting combination of both for me. It’s true that some big things happened, like Gary Cohn resigning as Trump’s top economic adviser. But does that really change much of anything? I don’t know.

On the other hand, we’ve had a steady stream of stories about pressure building up from the Mueller investigation while Trump and his cronies seem to lose a little bit more of their minds on a daily basis. I need a break from all of that. You with me?

Instead of rounding up news today, how about a “feel good” story? Last week I noted the picture of this little girl being awe-struck at Michelle Obama’s portrait at the National Portrait Gallery.

Here’s the story:

Parker Curry, age 2, was not being cooperative.

Standing in front of the new painting of former first lady Michelle Obama at the National Portrait Gallery, Parker ignored her mother’s pleas to turn around for a photo.

“All I wanted was just one pic,” Parker’s mother, Jessica Curry, said Sunday. “She was just so fixated on the portrait and wouldn’t turn away from it.”

Curry, a lifelong District resident, was so fixated on her daughter being fixated on the portrait that she didn’t see a man to the side taking a cellphone photo of the moment — Parker in utter awe, her mouth agape.

It turns out that another visitor to the gallery that day, Ben Hines, took the photo and last weekend it went viral after he posted it on Facebook. Apparently someone tweeted: “I needed to cry over something beautiful ­instead of crying over frustrating news.” Now THAT’S what I’m talking about.

But the story doesn’t end there. Today Parker had a visitor.

Of course they danced.

Here’s what Joy Reid had to say about all of this on Instagram today:

This is all you need today. A little girl gets to meet the first lady who awed her in an iconic museum portrait that she believed was of a Queen. @michelleobama making the time and creating a moment that will stay with this little princess forever. Amazing.

She is 100% right. That is all you need today.

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