I have been both inspired and occasionally brought to tears by what young people all over this country did today. 

* A couple of them clearly have a future in politics if they are interested.

* The memories these invoke brought me to tears.

* Some students braved the weather.


* How about the children?

* Some schools didn’t allow a walkout. The students at Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta came up with a powerful alternative.

* Some walkouts were highly organized.

* Finally, while we’re on the subject, these kids are all right too. They are students at the Detroit School of Arts’ Vocal Jazz Ensemble singing David Byrne’s “Everybody’s Coming to My House.” Here is how Byrne reacted to their rendition of his song:

“When I saw what the DSA students did with my song, it completely changed the way I thought of it. In fact, it changed the meaning of the song—I realized it was about inclusion, welcoming, and not being alone. It’s a more generous interpretation of the song than what I do with my voice,” Byrne said of the video in a statement. “We ARE all in the same house—if we want to be. Just goes to show how a song can change (radically!) depending on who is singing it.”

YouTube video

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Nancy LeTourneau

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