Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
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House Speaker Paul Ryan laid out what I’m sure he thinks is a dire warning about what will happen if Democrats win in November.

House Speaker Paul Ryan warned that Democratic gains in November’s congressional elections could make it impossible to get anything accomplished and expose President Donald Trump’s administration to more aggressive oversight.

Should Republicans lose control of either the House or Senate, “you’ll have gridlock, you’ll have subpoenas,” with the whole legislative system “shutting down,” Ryan said Wednesday in Beverly Hills, California, at the annual Milken Institute Global Conference.

Given that all Republicans have managed to accomplish with their majorities is a tax cut that primarily benefits the richest among us, I’m not sure what he means by “gridlock.” On subpoenas, if he means that Democrats would stand up to Donald Trump and hold him accountable, an awful lot of voters in this country would respond with “bring it on!”

What I’d like to know is what Paul Ryan thinks Republicans would do if they manage to maintain their majority. Interestingly enough, it doesn’t sound like many of the candidates who are running for office in 2018 are interested in talking about that either.

According to USA Today, an awful lot of Republicans are focusing on the candidate who lost the last presidential election and has since retired from politics. For example, here is an ad from Republican Evan Jenkins who is running for Senate in West Virginia:

YouTube video

Jenkins isn’t the only one. Here are the numbers:

In total, nearly 13,000 TV commercials Jan. 1 through April 24 mentioned or showed a photo of Clinton, according to data compiled for the USA TODAY NETWORK by Kantar Media’s Campaign Media Analysis Group…

Only former president Barack Obama has appeared in more ads. Clinton’s total tops that of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who has been mentioned in nearly 10,000 commercials in 2018.

Todd Rokita, who is running for Senate in Indiana, pairs Clinton with Obama. Too bad he didn’t mention Pelosi and make it a trifecta.

YouTube video

So you see…Trump Republicans are going all-in to provide voters with a clear platform about how they plan to make America great again. It pretty much boils down to “Democrats bad” and “Trump good.”

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