Trump shakes hands with Kim Jong Un
Credit: Dan Scavino Jr/Wikimedia Commons

After meeting with Kim Jong-un in Singapore last month, Donald Trump tweeted a bold statement.

As most people noticed, the idea that there is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea was, at minimum, a bit premature. As that critique began to take shape, the president had to create a false narrative to bolster his claims of some great accomplishment.

Because Trump wants us to inhabit the delusional world he creates out of whole cloth, he doesn’t want us to examine historical facts.

Perhaps that’s why the president finds a “kindred spirit” in the leader of North Korea. They both lie…a lot.

With Pompeo’s recent trip to North Korea, the lies from both sides are beginning to be exposed.

If Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to North Korea on Friday and Saturday was designed to ease worries about the progress on denuclearization talks between Washington and Pyongyang, it seems to have failed.

Just hours after Pompeo left the North Korean capital and described the negotiations as “productive,” North Korea’s Foreign Ministry released a scathing statement that cast the entire endeavor in doubt.

“The U.S. side came up only with its unilateral and gangster-like demand for denuclearization,” the statement said, adding that the American attitude toward the talks had been “regrettable.”

I found this to be a thought-provoking reaction:

It’s true, Trump got suckered by Kim. Now that the president has declared for all the world to see that “there is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea,” can he backtrack to the days when he and Kim were comparing the size of their nuclear buttons? If the answer to that question is “no,” then it will be Trump’s war with North Korea that has been averted, not Obama’s.

But to assume that this president can’t return to threatening war is to assume that his thoughts and reactions follow in a logical path. They don’t. He is capable of creating a whole new narrative that will absolve him of personal responsibility for getting suckered. That process is already underway. Here’s what he tweeted this morning:

As things fall apart with North Korea, Trump is already floating the trial balloon that China is to blame because his administration is being so tough on trade issues with them. The one thing we can be sure of is that this president will never admit to being suckered because that would look weak and nothing threatens Trump’s narcissistic ego more than weakness. So obviously it’s time for his old pattern of lie, distract and blame. For now, it looks like the target is going to be China, but that could change at a moment’s notice if another potential emerges.

Nancy LeTourneau

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