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Back on September 12, 2016, NewsMax was keen to promote the following advertisement created by Bob Dylan enthusiast, InfoWars guest, and right-wing videographer Joel Gilbert. It was paid for by one of Roger Stone’s political action committees: the Committee to Restore America’s Greatness PAC (CRAG). More specifically, it was funded by San Diego businessman Robert Shillman, who made two $8,000 donations to CRAG–one on August 31st and the other on September 21st. Another funder was Seminole County Tax Collector elect Joel Greenberg, although there’s no record of him having donated to the PAC.

The inspiration for the advertisement, which depicts Donald Trump as Superman, was Hillary Clinton’s illness at the 9/11 memorial service the day before, resulting in a fainting spell captured on video that raised doubts about her physical fitness.

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That stupid video ran on a giant television screen in Times Square for four days, and on a billboard on the busy I-4 corridor between Orlando and Tampa, Florida. That’s just one small piece of the work Roger Stone did during the campaign–and far from the most imaginative, sinister, or consequential of his raft*king efforts.

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Marcy Wheeler has been investigating Roger Stone’s political action committees and she’s developed quite a few leads for investigators to follow, which are where Robert Mueller is probably headed. In recent weeks and months, several people associated with these PACs have been subpoenaed to appear before grand juries. Two of them have been in the news this week. I wrote about Andrew Miller on Friday. He’s refusing to meet with the grand jury and hoping to get some immunity for his work on Stone’s PACs. Kristin Davis, the infamous Manhattan Madam, was paid $3,500 by CRAG in December 2016. Others include Michael Caputo and Sam Nunberg, Jason Sullivan, who worked as Stone’s social media coordinator and booking agent, and John Kakanis, at once Stone’s driver and the CEO of Citreon Associates, a firm paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to find “evidence that could be used to disqualify delegates supporting Sen. Ted Cruz,” and who knows what else.

After Sam Nunberg appeared before a Mueller grand jury in March, he predicted that Stone would be indicted “on some financial, I’d say picayune, matter.” Based on Wheeler’s research, I’d say that it’s likely Stone violated some campaign finance laws at a minimum, so it’s possible he could get charges no more serious than that. But that’s definitely not the crux of what Mueller is investigating. He wants to know how Stone’s activities were funded and coordinated–and how closely and often he communicated with Trump.

There’s a lot to investigate and explore because Stone seems to have always had several irons in the fire. At the same time, he was establishing a back channel to Julian Assange and getting funding for a stupid Trump-as-Superman video for Times Square. The guy is nothing if not industrious.

All signs point to his imminent indictment.  Somewhere there’s a warden who will need to be prepared.

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