Steve Bannon
Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Steve Bannon was exiled from the White House. The pedophile he campaigned for in Alabama’s special election lost. And his film, Trump At War, was a total flop. So what comes next?

Apparently he is trying to organize the globe’s autocrats into a “populist” movement.

Let’s just say that to identify leaders like Egypt’s el-Sisi, India’s Modi, and the Philippine’s Duterte as “populists” is pretty far beyond the pale. But those are the folks Bannon wants to organize to take on the issue of immigration and lead a global revolt. There is a reason why the term “fascism” has been used in response.

NBC’s Richard Engel shows us the fortress Bannon is refurbishing in Italy as his new home base to launch this revolt—which includes going into battle with Pope Francis and training “modern gladiators” in the battle for a nationalist sovereignty movement.

To be clear, there is a reason why Bannon has targeted the first Pope from a Latin American country.

Since becoming pope in 2013, Francis has expressed a consistent message on the type of “America First” nationalism championed by Bannon.

Two years ago, the pope cautioned against growing populism in Europe, warning it could lead to the election of leaders like Hitler.

He has called for compassion toward migrants, saying that fearing them “makes us crazy,” as well as other marginalized groups including the poor and gay people. He has also defended diversity.

So in answer to the question about what Bannon is up to now, he is:

  1. Attempting to organize a group of the most autocratic dictators around the world,
  2. Setting up what amounts to a school for fascists, and
  3. Going into battle with the Pope.

No one better represents all that is wrong in the world right now than Steve Bannon.

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