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Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller will testify before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees on July 17th. In response to that news, Senator Lindsey Graham suggested that the hearing would “blow up in their (Democrats’) faces” and Brian Kilmeade of Fox and Friends said that he doesn’t think Mueller knows the details about what’s in the report. (I kid you not!) Donald Trump had a very Trumpian response: he accused Mueller of committing a crime, without any evidence. None of these guys are worried at all, are they?

Since the Mueller report was released, it has become obvious that a lot of Trump’s enablers in both congress and the right-wing media haven’t bothered to read it. In an effort to be helpful, some people in the entertainment industry have come forward to make that task a bit less cumbersome. If actual reading is the problem, they’re doing it themselves, so all conservatives have to do is listen. Taking it one step further, they have provided both a dramatic and comedic version, so Trumpists can take their pick. Here is the former.

The comedic version is, well…funny.

But wait—there’s more. If folks can’t handle the full report, a group of entertainers has provided a summary of what it says. Unlike the four-page version from Attorney General Barr, this one relies on what the Mueller team actually found.

Who knew that liberal Hollywood entertainers could be so helpful? They’ve reached out across the aisle to give Trump enablers an assist prior to Mueller’s testimony. Isn’t that special?

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