Donald Trump
Credit: The White House/Flickr

Trump will almost certainly get an emotional boost from an adoring crowd at his rally in Tulsa. But perhaps for the first time in his privileged life, reality is beginning to challenge the delusional world he has created for himself. As a result, he just keeps making things worse.

The president has been so eager to reopen the economy that he is ensuring an ongoing rise in the number of people contracting COVID-19. As experts are warning, the U.S. isn’t experiencing a second wave of the virus—the first wave never ended.

Because Trump views every relationship as a transaction, he seemed to have turned over his Twitter account on Thursday night to someone who could help him bribe voters in swing states. The president’s account sent out 21 tweets bragging about the money he sent to various states from the Department of Transportation. For example, Colorado got over $60 million, Nevada $50 million, North Carolina $25 million, and Texas $80 million. The list goes on. Nothing is more typical of how this president operates than to think he can use federal taxpayer dollars to boost his chances of reelection.

Demonstrating that he learned nothing from the fiasco of clearing out peaceful protesters in order to stage a photo-op for himself in front of a church, the president is threatening a repeat performance in Tulsa.

In what might be the most obvious sign of desperation, Trump resorted to using a terrorist who was taken out by the Obama administration in an attack against his opponent.

The reality that is beginning to burst the president’s delusional world comes, in part, from voters like Paul, a former Trump supporter from rural Tennessee.

As Trump heads to Oklahoma, this is an ad that will be running on local television channels.

At this point in the 2020 presidential race, Trump is losing support. In response, he is growing more desperate and resorting to behavior that only escalates his problems. Unless someone he trusts is able to stop him, that will remain his trajectory in the coming months. What we are witnessing is a perfect example of Trump being Trump.

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