Trump at 2017 Oval Office meeting with foreign leaders
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Since Donald Trump became president, a theme has emerged on social media: “There is a tweet for everything,” meaning you can almost always find a past tweet of Trump criticizing precisely what he is doing now. Here’s a current example:

Going back to Obama’s time in office, Trump was obviously obsessed with the fact that his predecessor played golf, tweeting about it at least 27 times, including this one.

I previously wrote that this habit of accusing others of things he’s guilty of doing himself is a matter of projection.

There is no great mystery about why there is a tweet for everything. Anyone as sociopathic as Donald Trump engages in projection when attacking their opponents. That is because they are incapable of empathy or being able to see another person’s point of view. Absent any other point of reference, they simply project their own reactions onto others. Trump is obviously obsessed with playing golf, so regardless of the facts, he projected that obsession onto Obama.

That raises some serious questions about Trump’s habit of accusing others of treason. The Washington Post put together a video of several of those allegations.

JM Rieger reports that “Trump has accused no fewer than 12 people and entities of treason over the past three years.” From those examples, it becomes obvious that the president assumes that anything that threatens him personally is treasonous. But to get an actual definition of the word, we need only look to the U.S. Constitution, where treason is the only crime that is actually defined. Article three, Section three states the following.

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

Given Trump’s obsession with accusing others of treason, is this yet another example of projection? Is the president accusing others of a crime for which he is guilty? I’ll grant you that that is a loaded question. But it is precisely why we need answers to the questions about Russia’s payment of bounties to Islamic extremists in Afghanistan for the killing of U.S. soldiers. We must know what Trump knew about the intelligence and what he did (or didn’t do) in response. Sitting back while an adversary targeted the killing of our soldiers on the battlefield would be a classic example of “giving aid and comfort to our enemies.” Even more damning would be advocating on behalf of Russia’s reinstatement into the G-7 while they are paying bounties for the killing of our soldiers.

Here is what Speaker Nancy Pelosi said about that on Sunday.

Pelosi reminds us of all of the “gifts” Trump has given to Russia’s president and that the last time she was at the White House for a meeting, she told him that, “With you Mr. President, all roads lead to Putin.”

If Trump knew about Russia’s bounty on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan and did nothing but grant more gifts to Putin, that should trigger an investigation into whether the President of the United States is guilty of treason.

Nancy LeTourneau

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