US Congress - Capitol Building at Capitol Hill in Washington DC, United States in winter
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In a media landscape littered with flimsy hot takes and stale talking points, the Washington Monthly stands out by delivering deeply reported investigations, innovative progressive ideas, and illuminating political analyses. And we need your help to keep doing it.


Thirty years ago, when I was a college student trying to understand politics and policy, I would go to the magazine rack at the downtown bookstore and pick up the Washington Monthly. I could always count on the Monthly to explain the world in a way I couldn’t find anywhere else.

This year, I had the honor of joining the Washington Monthly team. I’m proud to play a small part in contributing to the magazine’s 52-year tradition of elevating the discourse and provoking independent thought. I hope you can play a part as well, by making a holiday contribution.


Producing substantive journalism is not easy in today’s clickbait-driven media industry. Thankfully, the Washington Monthly is a nonprofit enterprise, so we can remain dedicated to pursuing the truth and challenging lazy assumptions, instead of manufacturing divisive outrage or trapping ourselves in a mindless echo chamber. But doing that requires support from thoughtful readers like you.

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Bill Scher

Bill Scher is political writer at the Washington Monthly. He is the host of the history podcast When America Worked and the cohost of the bipartisan online show and podcast The DMZ. Follow Bill on Twitter @BillScher.