Lina Khan
Lina Khan, nominee for Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), speaks during a Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation confirmation hearing, Wednesday, April 21, 2021 on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Graeme Jennings/Pool via AP)

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Who else went as deep into the problem of monopolization of the American economy as Monthly writers such as Eric Cortellessa (and his investigation into Big Ag), Phillip Longman (and his exploration of the railroad oligarchy), and our editor in chief, Paul Glastris (who laid out an antitrust road map for the Biden administration)?

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Where else but the Monthly could you find substantive analysis of the policy challenges facing the Biden administration, from Jennifer Taub on the Justice Department’s approach to white-collar crime, to Anne Kim on student debt relief, to Wesley Clark on global authoritarianism?

In what publication could you read not just about the problems currently ailing America and the world, but also about so many creative solutions? Like when Joshua Douglas detailed his role in crafting a compromise voting rights law in Kentucky? Or when Jamaal Abdul-Alim reported on the new Nebraska law offering in-state tuition rates to anyone who performs public service in AmeriCorps? Or when Laura Colarusso urged employers to keep flexible work policies after the pandemic lifts to help narrow the gender wage gap?

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Where else could you read Garrett Epps’s powerful and unsettling tour through Virginia’s decades-long history of state-sponsored racism in its public school textbooks? Overhear a conservation between Jonathan Alter and Kai Bird, two stellar biographers of Jimmy Carter, as they discuss the underrated legacy of the 39th president? Learn from D’Juan Hopewell about the early 20th-century Black businesswoman Madam C. J. Walker and what her story says about Black entrepreneurship today?

I’ve only written for the Washington Monthly for one year, but I’ve been a reader of the Monthly my whole adult life, because no other publication does what the Monthly does. And the only reason why the Monthly can do what it does is because of the financial support it gets from thoughtful readers. Readers like you!

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Bill Scher

Bill Scher is political writer at the Washington Monthly. He is the host of the history podcast When America Worked and the cohost of the bipartisan online show and podcast The DMZ. Follow Bill on Twitter @BillScher.