The Washington Monthly is the first and only publication to rank America’s best colleges for vocational certificates. To build the rankings, we pulled numbers for the ten most common undergraduate certificate programs from the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard dataset. For each program, we rank colleges according to the median earnings of their students one year after graduation. For informational purposes, we also show the median federal student loan debt and a debt-to-earnings ratio.

Click here for a more detailed explanation, here for all of our other rankings, and here to download the full vocational certificate data set.

RankNameMedian debt of graduatesMedian annual earningsTotal debt as a % of annual earnings
1Red Rocks Community College (CO)*90428775410%
2Loma Linda University (CA)204368577924%
3College of Eastern Idaho (ID)*7203828479%
4Cabrillo College (CA)*173947389524%
5Dallas College (TX)*146027289520%
6Center for Allied Health Education (NY)°143416783221%
7Western Suffolk BOCES (NY)*139626664921%
8Hudson Valley Community College (NY)*94756554414%
9Prince George's Community College (MD)*83316518213%
10Mayo Clinic College of Medicine & Science (MN)148116425023%
10College of Health Care Professions (TX)°143892611255%
9All-State Career School (PA)°61532510225%
8Cleveland State Community College (TN)*98582456940%
7High Desert Medical College (CA)°210582418287%
6Florida Career College (FL)°89292352838%
5Ultimate Medical Academy (FL)91722300640%
4ATA Career Education (FL)°155322298368%
3ATA College (KY)°155322298368%
2American Medical Sciences Center (CA)°163232243873%
1Germanna Community College (VA)*118182158555%
* = public
° = for-profit