If you’re like me, you still have someone on your holiday shopping list who is just plain hard to buy for. If so—and presuming it’s not your Trump-loving Uncle Fred but someone who shares your political views and worries, like you do, about this country’s future—here’s an idea that might solve your problem:

Give a donation of $50 or more to the Washington Monthly and we’ll send your loved one a free 1-year print subscription to the magazine on your behalf.


As a regular reader, I know you appreciate the Washington Monthly’s over-the-horizon, solution-oriented, create-a-liberalism-that-works journalism. Your loved one might, too. Why not give them a free 1-year subscription and find out?

Not only will you be introducing them to new ideas about how to fix our country’s problems. You’ll also be helping fund the Monthly’s journalism. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we depend on donations from readers like you to do our jobs.

But that very fact means that your donation to the Washington Monthly is tax deductible. 

And it’s super easy to do—just click here to donate. If you would like your donation to lead to a gift subscription, please indicate the name and address of the gift recipient in the “Feedback” section of the form. Give as much as you can—$10, $100, $1,000. But as long as it’s $50 or more you’ll get the free 1-year subscription to the print magazine.

And if you don’t have a special person you want to give it to, why not have it sent to your local library? Or to your own mailbox? Nothing wrong with a little holiday season self-care!


Paul Glastris

Paul Glastris is the editor in chief of the Washington Monthly. A former speechwriter for President Bill Clinton, he is writing a book on America’s involvement in the Greek War of Independence.