The Crashes of ’79: The FAA Stalls Out

The first airplane built to U.S. government specifications flew at Fort Myer, Virginia on September 17, 1908, with Orville Wright at the controls. The plane crashed. Since then, more than 60,000 people have died in U.S. air disasters. And the government has reached the point of spending more than $2.5 billion a year to promote… Read more »

Gay Is Good for Us All

Oh no, not the fairies too!” said a woman watching the Gay Liberation Movement march up Sixth Avenue last June, with a quizzical, good-humored expression on her face, as though they were so many puppies. “I’m from Ohio. I think it’s funny,” said a tourist. “I’d like to kick the shit out of them,” said… Read more »

U.S. News responds to the NORC Report

Ever since 1983 when U.S. News & World Report first published its college rankings, the magazine has striven to improve its methodology. That should be quite evident, at least, by the fact that our first college ranking listed 76 colleges based on only a reputation survey, and 17 years later we have come to a… Read more »

Tilting at Windmills

Should you still need convincing that Wall Street salaries and bonuses have been excessive, consider this fact supplied by former newspaper reporter and Wall Street executive William D. Cohan in the New York Times: “Compensation has historically consumed half or more of every dollar of revenue generated on Wall Street.” Wall Street tells us its… Read more »