Amy Waldman

Amy Waldman on home shopping

In 1995 the Internet had yet to revolutionize the way people bought and sold merchandise, was a quixotic-seeming startup, and the concept of home shopping belonged to a handful of lo-fi TV channels like QVC and the Home Shopping Network. Writing in the Washington Monthly that year, editor Amy Waldman took the channels to… Read more »

Currying Favor

The extent of the challenge can be gauged by the difficulty we’ve had of keeping even non-hostile nations from acquiring nuclear weapons. In 1998, India conducted its first nuclear test. Two weeks later, Pakistan followed suit. The tests triggered celebrations in both countries, suggesting that getting either to turn back was improbable, if not impossible…. Read more »

The GOP’s Great Black Hope

That no trace of Sipuel’s struggle marred Watts’s stay at OU was, inarguably, a sign of progress. But to Watts’s uncle Wade, it is also a sign of a problem. The 77-year-old had helped fight the battle for Sipuel and then went on to head the state chapter of the National Association for the Advancement… Read more »