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KOS CORRECTION… After we put up an online link yesterday to a profile I wrote of the blogger Markos Moulitsas Zuniga of Daily Kos, Moulitsas put up a pair of posts on his blog saying he’d found some errors in the piece. I spent much of today reconnecting with sources to seek clarification and looking… Read more »

War Torn….

War Torn…. The New Republic’s Mike Crowley, who’s one of the most dogged and interesting reporters in Washington, has what must be a grit-your-teeth kind of gig. Being any kind of liberal reporter in DC over the last few years has been depressing enough, but Crowley’s got it worse than most of us: He’s got… Read more »

The case against the case against historically black colleges

The case against the case against historically black colleges?.There?s been a bit of discussion in the blogosphere recently about the very low graduation rates at historically black colleges, prompted by a New York Times story (?Little Noticed Crisis at Black Colleges?) printed on August 3. The Times? reporter, Samuel G. Freedman, worried that these schools… Read more »

How to get ahead

How to get ahead….There’s an interesting story that’s generating a little bit of discussion in Washington but doesn’t seem to have made much of a dent elsewhere. Here’s the nub of it: Freshman Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) made phone calls to at least two North Carolina College Republicans asking them to change their votes in… Read more »

Stop Me Before I Quit Again!

STOP ME BEFORE I QUIT AGAIN!….My nominee for the best line in this morning’s New York Times comes midway through a profile of Bernard Kerik: When Mr. Kerik was appointed to a top job in the New York City Department of Correction in the mid-1990’s, one official told the department’s commissioner: ‘Congratulations. You’ve just hired… Read more »