David Atkins

Trumpists Will Likely Win the War For Control of the GOP

At first glance it might seem that Donald Trump is on his way toward exile from the Republican Party’s base of power. The party already seems headed to an internal civil war, GOP Senators are openly speculating about voting to convict him in the upcoming impeachment trial, corporate donors are fleeing in droves, and his… Read more »

Is Trump Making Democracy-Threatening Phone Calls to the Pentagon, Too?

After Donald Trump’s self-incriminating and extortionate phone call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was released yesterday, many have been left wondering how many other similar calls Trump has made to other public officials around the country. After all, Trump would need to overturn the election in far more states than just Georgia in… Read more »

Impeach Donald Trump—Again

It doesn’t matter if he has only two weeks left. He can’t pressure election officials to “find votes” and get away with it.