David Atkins

The GOP Rush to Confirm Kavanaugh Could Wind Up In His Impeachment

Less than a week ago ago, Republicans were jubilant as Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh seemed unsinkable. Now, with their nominee mired in allegations of attempted sexual assault, Republicans are eager to plow ahead with a vote before any further damage is done.  “It is imperative the Judiciary committee move forward on the Kavanaugh nomination… Read more »

A Moderate Republican Donor Revolt Will Be Part of the Realignment

As the Republican Party sinks deeper into its evangelical extremism, white supremacy and anti-majoritarian instincts, a gradual realignment will take place in the electorate that will either see a wrenching transformation of the GOP or a gradual decline into permanent minority status. (Assuming, of course, that an authoritarian destruction of democracy does not intervene.) Part… Read more »