David Atkins

How Would This Look Different If Putin Were Giving Trump His Marching Orders?

Let’s say you were a president embroiled in one of the greatest scandals in American political history. You are accused of taking secret meetings with a rogue state adversary–let’s call this state “Prussia”–who offered to release campaign communications stolen from your opponent’s campaign in an electronic burglary exponentially dwarfing Watergate. It is widely speculated that… Read more »

Trump Is Trying His Usual Bully Tactics at G7. But They Won’t Work.

For all his vaunted prowess as a negotiator in the art of the deal, Trump’s tactics aren’t complicated or subtle. He has one modus operandi: bludgeon and bully. When it comes to business or politics, Trump always does the same thing: propose the outrageous and play the buffoon, so that eventually the exhausted and disgusted adversary… Read more »

The Not-So-Subtle Racism of Trump’s Pardons

The casual news watcher could be forgiven for thinking that Donald Trump has been broadening his scope of understanding of racial issues with the pardons of Alice Marie Johnson, the first African-American heavyweight champion boxer Jack Johnson, and his announced desire to pardon Muhammad Ali (despite the fact that Ali does not require one even posthumously.)… Read more »