Jason DeParle

The Facebook Mom

Technology is helping migrant workers cope with being thousands of miles away from their children.

Dream Deferred

Since inheriting her case months earlier, he had known her only as a computer code. She hadn’t answered his appointment letters. (Typical.) She hadn’t complained when he docked her check. (Not typical.) Now here she was in shirtsleeves in January, with the wind-chill factor 24 below. Coats weren’t part of Michael’s job on the front… Read more »

The Office of Management and Budget

The piles of briefing materials that crossed George Bush’s transition desk probably didn’t contain a 1964 Burt Lancaster film called Seven Days in May. That may have been the first major mistake of his presidency. In 118 minutes, the film could have taught him more about government than any volume of Heritage Foundation reports and… Read more »

Silence of the Liberals

If the memoirs of Dick Morris can be at all trusted, there occurred in the summer of 1996 a high-level conversation roughly along these lines: Angry, wavering president, railing at the Senate Majority Leader for placing punitive provisions in the welfare bill: “He loved cutting off children. You should have seen his face. He was… Read more »