Michelle Cottle

Michelle Cottle was an editor at the Washington Monthly from 1996 to 1998, and was a senior editor at The New Republic until 2010. Currently, she is a Washington Reporter for The Daily Beast.

Love Potion #9.1

It has been six months since Pfizer pharmaceuticals unleashed its wonder drug to combat erectile dysfunction on an unsuspecting – albeit receptive – public. Since then, the news has been awash in stories of the sales records being set (4.3 million prescriptions in its first week), the gushings of satisfied users, the lamentations of besieged… Read more »

Too Well Endowed?

Often, it is the confluence of several news events that brings the real story into focus. Take the Feb. 18 press release on the results of the National Association of University and College Business Officers’ annual survey of school endowments: “Golden Era in University and College Endowments,” the organization trumpeted. “Institutions Hold More Than $150… Read more »