Neil Sinhababu

Ten Good Reasons for an Obama/Edwards ticket

TEN GOOD REASONS FOR AN OBAMA/EDWARDS TICKET….If you’re a progressive Democrat, you should want John Edwards to be Barack Obama’s vice president. I’ve made some of these points before, but now I’ve set up the slideshow! So enjoy: 10. Because he’s the most Vice-Presidential candidate we have. For VP, you want a powerful campaigner who… Read more »

Meet Nancy

MEET NANCY….It’d be a mistake to think that the loyalties some women feel to Hillary Clinton are immediately transferrable to other female politicians. We’ve seen all sorts of misogyny thrown at Hillary over the last 16 years, and that’s the sort of thing that bonds you to a particular individual. But when this primary is… Read more »

Moo if you like this poll

MOO IF YOU LIKE THIS POLL….Gallup titles this batch of polling data, “Public Lukewarm on Animal Rights,” but the big news is that Americans are much more concerned with the welfare of farm animals than I expected. Solid majorities oppose bans on hunting and animal testing, but a 62-35 majority of Americans supports “Passing strict… Read more »

Edwards Wins On The Road

EDWARDS WINS ON THE ROAD….SurveyUSA has been putting out an interesting series of Obama-McCain polls where they test possible VP choices. In some ways, the polls were badly done — what’s the point of asking people if they prefer Obama-Sebelius to McCain-Pawlenty in Virginia, where nobody knows who Sebelius or Pawlenty are? It might’ve been… Read more »


FORESIGHT….In response to all sorts of different questions about Barack Obama — Why should we support him? How is a first-term Senator suddenly winning the nomination? How can he beat John McCain? What kind of President will he be? — I like to point to these three paragraphs from his 2002 speech against the Iraq… Read more »