Nicholas Thompson

The Need for Speed

roadband Internet in the United States is a disaster. Its appalling. Its embarrassing. Its preposterous. Compared to the rest of the world, our connections are slow, balky, and expensive. If you divide speed by cost, Australias Internet access is three times better than ours; Frances is nine times better; and Japans thumps us twenty-one times… Read more »

How Fast You Can Read This Essay Online

Think of the Internet as working at different layers. There are all the pipes that go into your home, and then theres all the stuff on your screenfrom e-mail to eMule. The telecom companies like AT&T control the pipes; the software companies, like Google, create the stuff. In an ideal world, both these layers would… Read more »

How We Won

But the enormous galleys contained a real surprise. Gaddis hasn’t produced something new. Instead, he’s mercilessly cribbed from his previous books, compressed key episodes, macerated major themes–and produced something terrific. The big, thick cover hides wide printing on every other page, and, inside, a short first-rate description of an era that Gaddis lived through and… Read more »

Tax Laxity

The book’s title–Perfectly Legal: The covert campaign to rig our tax system to benefit the super rich–and cheat everybody else–isn’t subtle. But it does capture the first half of the book, in which Johnston describes how the “political donor class” has manipulated tax policy. Here, Perfectly Legal floods the reader with telling statistics and stories…. Read more »