Nicholas Thompson


Despite this unusual foundation, Linux is booming and even beginning to challenge Microsoft’s control of the operating system industry. Linux may eventually pull the rug out from under the richest company in the world. It may not. But no matter what happens, it has already shown that money doesn’t have to make the world, even… Read more »

Snake Eyes

HOPE works. It has financed higher education for hundreds of thousands of students in Georgia. It also seems wondrously simple: a voluntary tax (no one is forced to buy lottery tickets) to fund a clear, concise, and universally acclaimed goal. Every high school student in Georgia with at least a B average now has the… Read more »

Harlot’s Web

The software soon arrived in the mail. But it didn’t work. And the dealer that had sold it no longer existed. No Web page, no address, no recourse for Ms. Fischer and certainly no money back. She called the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) but no one knew where the company had gone, where it had… Read more »

Rough Trade

On July 2, 1997, Thailand’s Prime Minister, General Chavalit, stood screaming at his Minister of Finance, M.R. Chatu Monkul Sonakul, in his country’s National Assembly. M.R. Chatu Monkul had advocated devaluing Thailand’s currency for months and today, he argued, devaluation was absolutely necessary. The Prime Minister was in denial and furious. Thailand had conquered capitalism… Read more »