Ruy Teixeira

Just Add People

Joel Kotkin is right that population growth can transform America’s cities and suburbs for the better. He’s wrong to think it’ll happen automatically.

Color Me Skeptical

avid Paul Kuhn covered the 2004 presidential campaign for CBS News and currently writes for the Politico, the new Washington tabloid specializing in political news and analysis. His new book, The Neglected Voter, has a very simple thesis: If you want to understand the Democrats’ problems over the last several decades, keep your eyes on… Read more »

For whom Zell tolls

A National Party No More would be a bit easier to discuss if it was entirely a bad book. But it’s not. The first quarter or so, which describes Miller’s childhood and his rise in Georgia politics, is really interesting. Talk about retail politics: Here’s how Miller, then a college professor, first ran for the… Read more »