Sandy Bergo

Parents, Trapped

All told, hundreds of millions of dollars were sitting around in bank accounts, a casualty of outdated information technology, understaffing, and plain old indifference. And despite evidence suggesting that matters could be greatly improved if the federal government put pressure on the states to audit and improve their child-support systems, officials at the Department of… Read more »

Rude Boys

Such incidents of arrogance and bigotry abound in this memoir. Yes, Rosemary Dew is a disgruntled former employee. Yes, she was unable to tough it out, and quit the FBI after 13 years as an agent and supervisor. Yes, she is angry and bitter, and it shows. But it would be a mistake to discount… Read more »

Spinning Hurricane Isabel

If he were governor of Maryland, the man said–instead of the Republican who is, Bob Ehrlich–he’d give Pepco, the local utility, 24 hours to get power restored, or take over and do it himself. The woman agreed, but said President Bush was also to blame, for caring more about spending billions to rebuild Iraq than… Read more »

Money for Nothing

But still the checks came only intermittently. Once again, Baker assumed her husband was to blame. When she took him to court this time, however, she discovered he had been paying, through regular deductions from his paycheck. This time, it wasn’t his fault. It was the fault of the government agency charged with collecting the… Read more »