Steve Benen

Steve Benen is an MSNBC contributor, and a producer for The Rachel Maddow Show. He wrote the Washington Monthly‘s Political Animal from 2008 to 2012. His background includes publishing The Carpetbagger Report, and writing for a variety of publications, including Talking Points MemoThe American Prospect, the Huffington Post, and The Guardian. He has also appeared on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation,” Air America Radio’s “Sam Seder Show,” and XM Radio’s “POTUS ’08.”

Steve received his Master’s degree from the George Washington University in 1996, and has written for Democratic candidates nationwide. He lives in Vermont with his wife.

And that’s a wrap

I suspect most readers saw the news yesterday, but just in case, this is my very last post here at the Washington Monthly. I’ll start my new gig at MSNBC on Monday, Jan. 30. (I’ll be traveling on Thursday and Friday, so no blogging for me.) I am thrilled to be passing the torch to… Read more »

Wednesday’s Mini-Report

Today’s edition of quick hits: * Bernanke looks ahead: “The Federal Reserve said on Wednesday that it was likely to raise interest rates at the end of 2014, but not until then, adding another 18 months to the expected duration of its most basic and longest-running response to the financial crisis.” * We should all… Read more »

House GOP wants something to show for their efforts

House Republicans, both the leadership and rank-and-file members, are not unaware of their circumstances. After massive wins in the 2010 midterms, GOP officials started 2011 with high hopes. Things haven’t exactly gone according to plan. Republicans have seen their popularity deteriorate; they’ve failed to persuade much of anyone as to the value of their policy… Read more »

If it’s Sunday…

Media Matters has, on more than one occasion, documented the extent to which Sunday morning shows rely heavily on Republican guests. This week, Roll Call took a crack at it, referencing its own database of lawmakers’ television appearances. Not surprisingly, Roll Call found, “If you were watching the major Sunday morning talk shows last year,… Read more »