Steven Hill

Democracy Deficit: Why Should Europe Integrate Further?

When European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso stood at the podium at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on September 12 to give his annual “State of the Union” address, few in attendance knew of the bombshell he was about to deliver. Europe has been wracked by a sovereign debt crisis – an existential battle over… Read more »

The Latest Act of Romania’s Drama

I’m in Bucharest, Romania speaking at a conference hosted by the European Ideas Network, which is a center-right think tank affiliated with the European People’s Party (the largest party in the European Parliament). Naturally, much of the discussion here is about the current challenges over the euro. Hundreds of people are in attendance, including several… Read more »

The Decline Whine

The US media has a long history of clucking snidely at Europe. Recently Time magazine added to a longstanding Euro-bashing tradition with an incendiary cover that blared “The Decline and Fall of Europe,” featuring a young London rioter dressed in a hoodie and glaring like a Tolkien wraith from the red flames engulfing the cityscape… Read more »