Steven Waldman

Obama’s Anti-Trump Secret Weapon

President Obama just put Trump In a very-classy-and-beauitful-gold-plated box with his announcement that he now supports an increase in Social Security benefits. If Trump supports the idea he pisses off mainstream Republicans at a time he’s trying to court them. If he opposes it, he annoys his own base of crotchety white seniors. Most of… Read more »

There’s a Civil War Within Islam, and We Damn Well Better Be on the Right Side of It

The Republican conflation of Islam and Islamic terrorism is dangerous and it is counterproductive. But I have to say: the alternative Democratic language feels defensive and insufficient for the moment. Asked why she wouldn’t refer to “Islamic terrorists,” Hillary Clinton meandered: “I– I think that you can– you can talk about Islamists who– clearly are… Read more »

Why Citizens United Helps Trump

I know we’re supposed to say ‘of course Trump absolutely can’t be the Republican nominee but….” before we then point out his badness. Here’s the thing: he can be the nominee — because of Citizens United. Let’s say he caps out at 30 percent. Just never gets above that. We’ve gotten used to the idea… Read more »