Walter Shapiro

is a Washington Monthly contributing editor, a columnist for Roll Call, a fellow at the Brennan Center, and the author of a new book on his con-man great-uncle, Hustling Hitler: The Jewish Vaudevillian Who Fooled the Führer.

The Running Men

During my quarter century of covering presidential campaigns, I have found that the most telling glimpses of the candidates have come when they were just beginning to step into the cauldron of ambition. This is the time when their lines were still unscripted and their public veneers hung loosely like a suit that they had… Read more »

Young Gun

In truth, Kerrey could never have been elected president. Not in 1992 when he ran a diffident and unfocused primary campaign against Bill Clinton, not in 2000 when he yielded to the realities of political fund-raising, and not in 2004 had he stayed in the Senate. For Kerrey, who had lost part of a leg… Read more »