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We Won’t Normalize

We’re horrified too. Not just by the ascension of the most unqualified individual ever to capture a major American party’s nomination to the White House. Not just by the Confederate coalition that will comprise his Cabinet. Not just by the hate crimes that have occurred nationwide since November 8. We’re horrified by the mainstream media… Read more »

Break On Through (To the Other Side): Part I

With apologies to Rachel Maddow, let’s play a game of “Debunktion Junction.” True or false: there is widespread progressive anger over Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s attempts to attract Republican support. Absolutely false. The New York Times missed the mark by a mile when it promoted the idea that there are legions of liberals who… Read more »

The Day the GOP Stood Still

Rarely is New York Times columnist Paul Krugman wrong in his political or economic conclusions; the man makes an error about as infrequently as Halley’s Comet is visible from Earth. However, there was one tiny flaw in his July 18 post about the GOP’s march towards mania. Krugman correctly noted that he was one of… Read more »