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Ed Gillespie Spits on Heather Heyer’s Grave

Has he put out an ad tying Ralph Northam to Sayfullo Saipov yet? After this Tuesday, win or lose, Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie will go down in history as one of the worst race-baiting American politicians of the early-21st century, a George Wallace for the emoji age. Gillespie’s white-is-right campaign is, shall we… Read more »

A Nightmare in New Hampshire

They might as well have been shouting “You will not replace us!” State authorities in New Hampshire are investigating a possible hate crime after a family reported that their 8-year-old boy was pushed by teenagers off a picnic table with a rope around his neck, injuring him. The boy, who is biracial, was treated in… Read more »

Not Suitable for Children

Remember eight years ago this week, when right-wingers freaked out over President Obama’s back-to-school address to public school children? MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow noted at the time that the right-wing meltdown was completely irrational, since Obama said nothing offensive during the speech. Eight years later, if Donald Trump decided to deliver a back-to-school address to America’s… Read more »

John Kasich Isn’t Stupid Enough to Challenge Donald Trump in 2020

What would be in it for him, anyway? Mainstream-media entities seriously need to knock it off with the speculation that allegedly moderate Ohio Governor John Kasich will launch an independent challenge to Donald Trump in 2020. Kasich would have to have an IQ lower than Trump’s to do such a thing–and I don’t think the… Read more »